NASA Shoe for Paul George


“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Paul George’s words to aspire to, and inscribed on his latest shoe design—the PG 3 X. George’s statement along with patches, NASA colours, and other references to aerospace. 

The connection between NASA and  George. “I grew up in Palmdale, California, which has a big NASA base that not a lot of people know about,” (Palmdale’s zipcode—93552—can be found on the shoe).

Nike and NASA designers collaborated on the shoe, improving traction, comfort, lockdown, and weight. The Circular pattern on the outsole is in reference to the craters on the moon, and was calculated using algorithms based on analyses of George’s movement. That’s rocket science. 

The shoe also has Apollo 14 patches on the heels. A final touch is the red “Remove Before Flight” tag that comes with each pair. The shoes are built on the same Nike Zoom Air bag that was used in the PG 2. The lightweight foam keeps the shoe light.

George sums up the vision for the shoes by saying, “This shoe is for the kids who want to fly, whether as professional athletes or astronauts.”

Looks like he got it right.

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